Back Order Update!

Back Order Info!
Here is a fantastically worded post by Corin Robert's, and it explains all we've been trying to keep up with! 
"If you collect Breyers you might wonder...what's going on, anyway? From the ground, from the mom and pop Breyer dealer perspective, the last three years have been challenging. If you pre-ordered a horse through a dealer, you may be frustrated to see that it is on the Breyer website and you are getting emails about it, but your dealer shows it as both sold out, and not in stock. That's because horses are being added to the Breyer website before orders are being sent to dealers.  
Dealers order their holiday horses in January (March at the latest) and if they want to supply their loyal fans with the special brick and mortar runs, they have to make specific dollar and merchandise purchases. The only theoretical control dealers have over when their orders will arrive is to make their purchase as fast as they can in the new year, because historically, Breyer ships in the order received.  
Shipping has been a nightmare for everyone around the world since Covid, and then in 2020 we also had our own domestic near-dismantling of the USPS. Things have been tough. For everyone. Remember Hope arriving in June as a limited edition? I bought a bunch of those. I still don't have mine, with no word of when my order will ship.  
All of this gloom and doom aside, Breyer made Covid into one of the greatest company success stories I can think of. Breyer went virtual in a big way, we love them for it, and they have grown, again, as a result. Chances are excellent they have your email. You know about what's in their store through daily emails.
Everything you ever wanted is at your direct fingertips.
The growth has come at a little bit of a price. Getting you a brick and mortar horse means your dealer has to make a pretty big financial commitment.
Sometimes in this rapidly moving and changing product line things get mixed edition models become regular runs, horses are listed on the website before pre-orders are fulfilled, shipping doesn't go to plan.  
The bottom line is, your brick and mortar Breyer dealer has been affected by all of these changes (and we are also paying a shipping surcharge now to offset the inflation of Breyer's shipping prices). But we keep ordering and we keep trying to provide you with the horses you want, as fast as we can.
Yes, it's a very frustrating first world problem. Hang in there with us. We've collectively worked hard to gain the trust and love of our fellow model horse hobbyists and customers, and we will continue to do so. No matter where you bought your Maelstrom, or Hope, or Jewels or Battlefield Angel...don't worry. It's coming. We can't tell you exactly when...but it's coming."
Battlefield Angel-Late September/Early October
Maelstrom-Late September/Early October
Holiday 2022 Line-Late September/Early October
Rest assured our stock is coming! We look forward to getting the newest models as well!
Thank you all for your understanding and patience!

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