Snowbird Christmas Pre-Orders and Back orders

Happy Friday!

We've gotten an update on our holiday stock tentative arrivals. We had recieved a small stock of holiday items and have shipped based on Pre-Order Order. 

If you ordered first, you get your model in first. We are also holding any flawed models with the Gold Roping under the chin so that the models we mail are in perfect condition when leaving hands. If a small flaw is the costume isn't a deal breaker, feel free to email us and let us know!

We also will, and, have a small stock of Tractor Supply models in traditional and stablemates. If you need any help picking up specialty models don't hesitate to let us know! 

We are still waiting for Battlefield Angel, and do not have an official recieve date. Once we know, we will update!

Coming soon! Blank Stablemate Lots, Used vintage models and prior Holiday Models! We have totes full of undocumented inventory, so keep an eye out.



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